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Import and export of OpenCart XLS, CSV, XLSX, XML products

Import and export of OpenCart XLS, CSV, XLSX, XML products
Import and export of OpenCart XLS, CSV, XLSX, XML products
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    Export of goods.

    Add-on for OpenCart allows you to upload data from the store in several formats. The import module is very easy to use and does an excellent job of uploading all the data about products, categories.

    The module supports the following export formats: XLS, CSV, XLSX, XML

    Before exporting, we can filter the data by category, manufacturer, stock, product ID range, and more. If you have a lot of goods, it is possible to split them into files if the server does not allow processing requests.

    Import of goods.

    The kit also includes an import module that easily picks up the exported format. There are no settings as such.


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