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Synchronization of OpenCart and my warehouse v2.1

Synchronization of OpenCart and my warehouse v2.1
Synchronization of OpenCart and my warehouse v2.1
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    Add-on Synchronization of OpenCart and My Warehouse v2.1 is designed to automatically synchronize inventory, orders and customers between the OpenCart online store and the warehouse management system My Warehouse. This add-on ensures the smooth operation of your online store and simplifies the process of managing orders and inventory. The main features of the add-on include: - Automatic inventory synchronization between OpenCart and My Warehouse; - Automatic synchronization of orders between OpenCart and My Warehouse; - Automatic synchronization of clients between OpenCart and My Warehouse; - Support for multiple currencies and units of measurement; - Ability to choose which products to synchronize; - Ability to adjust the frequency of synchronization. Add-on Synchronization of OpenCart and my warehouse v2.1 is an indispensable tool for a modern online store, which allows you to significantly simplify the processes of managing orders and inventory, as well as improve the quality of customer service.

    This module allows you to transfer products and categories from the My Warehouse service to Opencart, as well as orders from Opencart to My Warehouse
    The module allows you to do the following

    Transfer products and categories from My Warehouse to Opencart
    Update information about products (price, quantity, description, category, meta tags, weight, manufacturer, url, article, status if out of stock) and categories (parent category, meta tags)
    Transfer multiple product images at once from My Warehouse to Opencart
    Transfer options and attributes (modifications) from My Warehouse to Opencart
    Transfer orders from Opencart to My Warehouse
    Perform all of the above actions automatically through Cron (task scheduler)

    Information about the module operation

    Module name in Opencart: Synchronization with My Warehouse [by Sa1det]
    Data exchange occurs through the My Warehouse API (JSON API 1.2)
    The module is open source
    For linking goods, the following fields are used: Code/Article/External code or for a more strict binding: Names + fields Code/Article/External code (in the first case, the selected field must be unique for all goods in My Warehouse, in the second case, there should be no goods with the same name and selected field). Opencart should also not have products with the same fields for communication (model / sku or name + model / sku)
    To link modifications (attributes and options), only their Names are used, so the names must be unique
    After any changes to the module settings, you must save them.
    To synchronize the attributes of modifications in My Warehouse, the description should say “Attribute” (without quotes)
    Options uploaded via the module are not linked, so any combination of options can be selected
    With a large number of entities: products, modifications, orders, categories (more than 10,000), due to the long synchronization (adding/updating), a 504 Gateway Time Out error may occur if the hosting has a restriction on the execution time of scripts. In this case, you need to contact the hosting technical support with a request to increase the max_execution_time value for php (the maximum script execution time) or do it yourself.

    This module allows you to transfer products and categories from My Warehouse service to Opencart

    This module is installed through the “Install extensions” function in Opencart. All that is required is to click on “Upload file” and select the archive with the module (archive with the extension)
    To update the version of the module, just download the archive with the new version through the add-ons installer, all settings will be saved. After updating the version, be sure to save the module settings so that everything is updated correctly.
    Working with the module

    Entering data from My Warehouse (login and password or access token that is generated in My Warehouse settings)
    Selecting the module settings (selecting the type of product connection, fields for synchronizing products, selling prices, etc.)
    You can perform synchronization: 1) manually (by clicking on the buttons to add / update) or 2) automatically (by adding commands for the Cron scheduler and setting the execution period)

    Working with Cron (automatic synchronization)
    1. Go to the cron tab on the hosting
    2. Click “add team”
    3. Insert command for cron from module
    4. Select command execution interval
    5. Save the team
    Repeat the steps below for all required commands

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