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If you are looking for an efficient way to manage prices and currencies in your online store, Opencart and Ocstore have the solution for you. These open web platforms allow you to flexibly adjust pricing to suit your needs. The price setting system in Opencart and Ocstore is divided into two categories: basic prices and special prices. Base prices are determined when you first import or create an item in the catalog. They can be expressed in different currencies and the software will automatically convert the base prices into the currencies of your choice. Opencart and Ocstore can also set special prices. They allow you to change the prices of products as they are sold, and can range from discounts set for a certain period of time to discounts for certain user groups. Opencart and Ocstore also offer the ability to define different exchange rates, making it easy to work with multiple businesses seamlessly. This makes managing the prices and currencies of your products in the online store simple, smooth and flexible. If you are looking for an efficient price and currency management solution for your online store, choose Opencart or Ocstore - these web platforms will help you easily keep track of your marketing budget and give users access to the most up-to-date prices for your product.

Text instead of price OpenCart 3 OcStore 3 module
For owners of online stores based on OpenCart 3 and OcStore 3, a new module is available that will allow them to remove product prices and replace them with a text description. Thi..
Module "Price on request" - a tool for online stores based on Opencart versions 2.0-3.02, which allows you to show the price of goods only after the buyer's request. The main advan..
This add-on allows you to apply a promotion or discount for a group of products with very deep filtering.And so it is possible to filter by category.As well as manufacture..
Currency update via the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for OpenCart
Currency update via the Central Bank of the Russian Federation - created and intended to help update the currency in the online store on OpenCart.  To obtain currency rates, t..
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