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Optimization acceleration

If you load a lot of products and categories into OpenCart, it significantly slows down in speed. In this section, you can find modules for optimizing the OpenCart-OcStore engine. Namely, Opencart caching, protection of the admin panel and the site, blocking by ip, as well as many other useful modules for an online store.

Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology is an innovative solution for optimizing web pages for mobile devices. It allows you to significantly speed up the loading of pages..
FSMonitor allows you to scan files for changes and add new files in the OpenCart system. The module keeps track of new, modified and deleted site files and specified server directo..
An add-on that will allow you to manage users. Ability to add a buyer to the blacklist and attach a description of the reason for the ban. the module is easy to manage and does not..
BotBlocker - the ability to protect an online store on OpenCart
BotBlocker - the ability to protect an online store on OpenCart and block spammers and bots. In the module, we have implemented the world's first and the world's only distributed s..
Optimizing OpenCart Database | Opencart Help.
The only purpose, installing this plugin is to enhance OpenCart database performance (for both users and administrators). This will reduce the page generation time by several condi..
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