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Opencart modules

In order to expand the functionality of the online store, there are ready-made modules and add-ons for OpenCart or OcStore . Basically, there is no strong difference between the engines themselves, so if the module is for opencart, then most likely it will work on OcStore . In this section, we tried to categorize the modules so that it would be easier for beginners to make a choice. We also strongly recommend making a backup before making changes.

Selecting an option in the OpenCart category
The module for opencart allows you to select an option in a product category. Recalculates the price depending on the quantity and option, compatible with journal 3. Key features:..
Ultimate Options Images opencart 3
Easy to use and install module. Ultimate Options Images is designed to enhance the standard image functionality of OpenCart products. It allows you to assign images to product par..
OpenCart Tabs | Multilingual additional tabs in product cards.
{ AP } Tabs | Multilingual additional tabs in product cards.The module allows you to add an unlimited number of additionaltabs in the product card with multilingual support. Does n..
Order Manager for OpenCart 3
We are improving the convenience of working in the administrative part of the store with orders. This module is very easy to install and configure, to start using it you just need ..
Add to buyer ban in OpenCart
An add-on that will allow you to manage users. Ability to add a buyer to the blacklist and attach a description of the reason for the ban. the module is easy to manage and does not..
Import and export of OpenCart XLS, CSV, XLSX, XML products
Export of goods. Add-on for OpenCart allows you to upload data from the store in several formats. The import module is very easy to use and does an excellent job of uploading all ..
Commission or discount for OpenCart 3 payment method
Commission or discount for paymentThe module allows you to set a markup or discount for any payment methodWorks both with a fixed amount and as a percentage. It is possible to spec..
Overlay logo on OpenCart image
This module allows you to overlay a logo or any image on the product image. This will protect you from copying. It is possible to select modules for displaying Watermark. The modul..
Stickers for OpenCart 2.3 and OcStore 3.02.0 |OpenCart Help
InstallationMake a backup copy of the site (it is not recommended to immediately install it on a working site)From the archive, select the desired version for Opencart (for example..
Easy photo upload in opencart
A simple addition that allows you to instantly add photos to the product. In the settings, you can specify the folder where the images will be loaded, can rename the image. There a..
Order notification in Telegram OpenCart all versions
novelty hit
Add-on for online stores on the platform Opencart or OcStore allows you to send instant notifications to you in Telegram. It is also possible to set up a notification about a chang..
Text editor for OpenCart TyniMCE
The text editor in the opencart system by default leaves much to be desired, then it puts pictures in the wrong place, it will apply text formatting, and of course there are no too..
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