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Opencart modules

In order to expand the functionality of the online store, there are ready-made modules and add-ons for OpenCart or OcStore . Basically, there is no strong difference between the engines themselves, so if the module is for opencart, then most likely it will work on OcStore . In this section, we tried to categorize the modules so that it would be easier for beginners to make a choice. We also strongly recommend making a backup before making changes.

Showing Attributes in OpenCart Categories
The "Display attributes in OpenCart categories" module is an extension for the OpenCart online store platform that allows you to display product attributes directly on the category..
Options as product links Opencart
Options OpenCart is a convenient and powerful tool for creating links to products in an online store. They allow customers to select additional product options or variations, such ..
Bookmarks without registration for Opencart 3
Bookmarks without registration for Opencart is a convenient and easy-to-use extension that allows users to save products of interest to them on the site without having to go throug..
Mass change of goods
The "Mass change products" module is a useful tool for owners of online stores running on the Opencart platform. It allows you to significantly reduce the time and simplify the pro..
Product Downloads PRO OpenCart
Product Downloads PRO OpenCart is an online store module that allows customers to download digital products immediately after purchase. Thanks to this module, the store can offer a..
Product carousel for opencart, ocstore
The product carousel module for Opencart is a handy extension that allows you to work with product categories in an online store. It allows you to show several products at the same..
Store reviews module for opencart ocstore
Store reviews module for opencart ocstore is a simple and effective solution that allows you to use your store reviews to attract more customers and increase sales. This module all..
Ajax Best Checkout for OpenCart, Ocstore in Russian.
OpenCart is a free and open source e-commerce platform that has become very popular due to its feature rich interface. It supports a wide range of features and comes with several b..
SEO: Microdata PRO OpenCart Ocstore 3
New hit
SEO optimization is one of the most important criteria for improving the position of a website in search engines and driving traffic to it. Work in this area does not stop even for..
The add-on allows you to create product filtering by the following fields:product id. Product picture. Name Model vendor code Manufacturer Show in categories Price Quan..
This product import and export module for any version of Opencart OcStore provides a quick and easy way to import and export your data from Opencart OcStore. It provides unique fea..
Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology is an innovative solution for optimizing web pages for mobile devices. It allows you to significantly speed up the loading of pages..
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