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Opencart modules

In order to expand the functionality of the online store, there are ready-made modules and add-ons for OpenCart or OcStore . Basically, there is no strong difference between the engines themselves, so if the module is for opencart, then most likely it will work on OcStore . In this section, we tried to categorize the modules so that it would be easier for beginners to make a choice. We also strongly recommend making a backup before making changes.

SberMegaMarket OpenCart 3
Uploading for SberMegaMarket from OpenCart: synchronization of balances and prices Description Uploading goods from an online store to the SberMegaMarket platform is an important..
NitroPack for OpenCart
NitroPack for OpenCart: Optimizing site loading speed and improving SEO NitroPack is one of the most popular modules for optimizing site loading speed in the OpenCart platform. Wi..
YTPlayer | Video Background, Carousel, Presentation
The module for opencart YouTube player videophone, carousel, presentation is an innovative tool that allows you to embed videos from the popular YouTube service on your opencart we..
Cookies Acceptance Module OpenCart
The cookie acceptance module on the site is an interactive element that appears when the user first visits. It offers two buttons: "Accept cookies" and "Refuse cookies". After clic..
Quickly edit products
The Instant Product Editor module is a tool for managing products in your online store on the OpenCart platform. This module is available for OpenCart versions 1.5.x, 2.x and 3.x.W..
TMD CashBack module for OpenCart-OcStore
The TMD CashBack module for OpenCart is a powerful tool designed to create and manage loyalty and cash back programs for online stores on the OpenCart platform. This module allows ..
Protect text from copying in OpenCart
When creating and running an online store on the OpenCart platform, one of the main problems that owners face is copying content from the site. Copied content may be used by compet..
Authorization via Social. OpenCart-OcStore networks
Opencart is a popular e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of features for creating and managing an online store. One of the important features of this platform is authoriz..
Omniva delivery opencart
If you are looking for a reliable and convenient delivery module for your online store on the OpenCart platform, then the Omniva Delivery module is the perfect choice for you. It e..
Top advertising banner
Top advertising banner is a powerful tool for attracting the attention of potential customers on your online store, created specifically for the OpenCart platform. This module prov..
The Discounts For Vip Clients module is an effective tool for OpenCart-Ocstore online stores that allows you to set special discounts for Vip clients.With it, you can create and ma..
Notification of product arrival OpenCart
The "Notification of goods arrival at opencart warehouse" module is an extension for the popular e-commerce platform OpenCart. It is designed to notify customers of the availabilit..
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