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Opencart modules

In order to expand the functionality of the online store, there are ready-made modules and add-ons for OpenCart or OcStore . Basically, there is no strong difference between the engines themselves, so if the module is for opencart, then most likely it will work on OcStore . In this section, we tried to categorize the modules so that it would be easier for beginners to make a choice. We also strongly recommend making a backup before making changes.

Google Indexing API Opencart
Google Indexing API is a module for the Opencart platform that allows you to easily integrate your site with the Google Indexing API. This module provides the ability to send reque..
data processing using anyCSV/XLS/YML module
Improved data processing with anyCSV/XLS/YML™ PRO PIM Edition 8.0 module for OpenCart OpenCart is a powerful e-commerce platform that allows stores to manage their online st..
Real-time product indexing with IndexNow for OpenCart OpenCart is a popular e-commerce platform that allows stores to create and manage their online stores. One of the key aspects..
The open source module is the best solution for replacing the standard menu in the header of your site. It provides flexible configuration and allows you to display your own links ..
The "Call back with SMS notification" module for OpenCart expands the functionality of the online store, allowing visitors to leave their contact information for a call back. The m..
AnyPort is an add-on that provides functionality for managing and backing up data. With it, you can create, schedule and automatically back up important files and folders on your c..
Jet cash module for the OpenCart platform
Updated to version 31 The Jet cash module for the OpenCart platform is a revolutionary solution to speed up the performance of your online store. This powerful tool is equipped wi..
Import and export modules for OpenCart v1.5 - an improved solution for effectively managing your online store. These innovative modules provide you with an easy way to import and e..
On the page "Menu-Catalogue-Categories modules for opencart v1.5" you will find a wide selection of modules to improve the functionality of your online store running on the OpenCar..
Affiliate Program Modules OpenCart v1.5 offers a wide range of tools and features specifically designed to improve the experience of managing affiliate programs on your online stor..
On the page with modules of the categories Cart, quick order, registration you will find several useful modules. These modules include: See the screenshot there for a complete list..
If you are looking for modules to speed up your store, then you are in the right place. We offer a wide range of modules to optimize and speed up work with the OpenCart platform ve..
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