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Products, menu, categories

"Products, menus, categories" is a category of modules designed to improve and simplify the process of organizing and administering product and service catalogs in Opencart and Ocstore online stores. In this category, you can find modules for creating and editing menus and product categories, setting prices, viewing sales statistics, importing and exporting data, and much more. These modules will help make working with the catalog of goods and services in the online store easier and more efficient.

YTPlayer | Video Background, Carousel, Presentation
The module for opencart YouTube player videophone, carousel, presentation is an innovative tool that allows you to embed videos from the popular YouTube service on your opencart we..
Cookies Acceptance Module OpenCart
The cookie acceptance module on the site is an interactive element that appears when the user first visits. It offers two buttons: "Accept cookies" and "Refuse cookies". After clic..
The open source module is the best solution for replacing the standard menu in the header of your site. It provides flexible configuration and allows you to display your own links ..
The "Display attributes in OpenCart categories" module is an extension for the OpenCart online store platform that allows you to display product attributes directly on the category..
Options OpenCart is a convenient and powerful tool for creating links to products in an online store. They allow customers to select additional product options or variations, such ..
Bookmarks without registration for Opencart is a convenient and easy-to-use extension that allows users to save products of interest to them on the site without having to go throug..
Product Downloads PRO OpenCart is an online store module that allows customers to download digital products immediately after purchase. Thanks to this module, the store can offer a..
The product carousel module for Opencart is a handy extension that allows you to work with product categories in an online store. It allows you to show several products at the same..
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