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If you have an online store based on the OpenCart or Ocstore platform, then you probably need an effective product filter. This is an important tool for site users because they can customize their search to find the right products faster. Luckily, Opencart and Ocstore already have a lot of plugins that provide a high quality product filtering experience. One of the most popular is the AJAX Filter, which provides fast loading and filtering. Ocstore also has a built-in adaptive product filter that allows you to work with groups of filters, set the order in which they are displayed, and much more. If you use OpenCart, then you can pay attention to the Smart SEO Filter module, which allows you to set up SEO long deaf filter links and optimize filter pages for SEO. Another useful plugin is Ajax Mega Filter PRO, which allows you to expand the filter functionality many times for a better product search. In any case, it is important to have a working and efficient product filter that will help users find the products they need faster and more conveniently. Find the right module for your OpenCart or Ocstore store and improve product search for your customers.

The add-on allows you to create product filtering by the following fields:product id. Product picture. Name Model vendor code Manufacturer Show in categories Price Quan..
Product filter for OpenCart 3 and other versions.
The main feature of this filter is that it does not need to be adapted to templates. And also this is the creation of separate landing pages for the user with filtered paramet..
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