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Site Terms of Use

1.4. Terms of use of the site are mandatory for every user. These rules can be supplemented or changed by the administration of the service, if necessary.


Types and level of user access

2.1. Site Administrators: A team of administrators provides guidance and technical support for the site.

2.2. a group of users is allowed access to use the Files of our server solely for informational purposes .

2.3. Users. All users of the base account type. All users, after registering on the site, by default receive this type of account and are newbies, they can download files.

2.4. Banned: Users whose accounts have been banned for violating the site's rules of use.


Website registration rules

3.1. Upon registration, users agree to abide by this list of rules.

3.2. If necessary, the user can delete his account.

3.3. It is prohibited to register and use multiple accounts at the same time by one user. Users who violate this clause of the rules will be banned, their statuses on the site will be canceled.


Basic terms of use

4.1. It is forbidden to leave meaningless, uninformative messages (for example, "downloaded, saved, took away" and others of a similar nature. Instead of such messages, use the "Like" button. Please do not litter the Site.

4.2. All messages that do not carry useful information (an example is given in the paragraph above) will be deleted by the site administration. The accounts of systematic flood and spam distributors will be blocked.

4.3. We ask users to make reviews of the materials as informative and understandable as possible for the rest. Calls should describe in detail the advantages and disadvantages of the material, the questions that arose during the study, the usefulness of the material for you, personal impressions of working with the material. Maximum information on the case.

4.4. For the first violation of the rules for using the site, the user is issued a warning from the administration.

4.5. If the rules are violated again, the user account will be banned.



Provision and use of materials from the site

6.1. Hosted on the opencart-help site. net materials are intended for informational purposes. The administration of the resource is not responsible for possible problems from the use of materials that are posted on the site. (For example: You installed a module from this site and your site or store began to malfunction or stopped working)

6.2. When downloading files, the user automatically agrees with the rule clause above (clause 6.1).

6.3. The files downloaded from the site are intended for informational purposes only. If a template or module posted on the site is paid, you need to purchase a license to use it.



Rules of conduct and communication on the site

7.1. When participating in discussions and discussions on this site, it is necessary to observe the framework of the communication culture. It is forbidden to use obscene language, insult or in any other form show disrespect and dislike towards other users of the site.

7.2. When participating in discussions and discussions, the user undertakes not to post unverified or false information, thereby misleading other users of the site.

7.3. When participating in discussions and discussions, you should not resort to trolling, necroposting, or other means of informal communication.

7.4. In all discussions and discussions, you should leave messages only relevant to the main topic. Senseless messages and flooding will be deleted. Administrators have the right to issue a warning or block a user for posting a flood.


Personal data of users and their publication.

8.1. During communication on the Site, it is forbidden to publish your personal data in threads and messages or in chat.

8.2. When contacting another user of the site, you should contact him without distorting or changing his name or pseudonym.


Denial of responsibility.

9.1. The site administration does not take responsibility for broken links.

9.2. The functionality of the published links is checked as of the time of publication of the material.

9.3. After the publication of the materials, the author may request the removal of the material from the cloud storage of the service, therefore, the administration cannot guarantee the permanent work of the links.

9.4. All published materials are intended for informational purposes only.

9.5. The administration does not bear any obligations regarding the published materials.

9.6. Site materials are published on an "as is" basis. The administration does not provide any guarantees.



Refunds to users

10.1. There is no full or partial refund for the purchase of Files.

10.2. Before purchasing Positions of the online store , if necessary, the user can clarify all the questions that have arisen by using the support service.

Dear users, thank you in advance for following the rules of using our website. The team of administrators is engaged in the constant development and support of the resource, so that the use of our site would be as convenient and useful as possible for you.