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stickers and watermarks

Stickers and watermarks in Opencart are tools to decorate and protect images on your site. Stickers are small graphic labels that can be applied to images to signify promotions, discounts, new products, and more. They add additional information about the products and help to attract the attention of buyers. Watermark (watermark) is an inscription or image that is applied to the image of the product to protect against theft. It is usually located in the corner of the image and is somewhat transparent so as not to obstruct the view of the product. Many online stores use watermarks to protect images from being copied or to verify attribution. Having stickers and watermarks on your site can increase the appeal of your products and increase user interest in your offerings. They can also protect your content from copying and force buyers to accept your terms of use. Don't forget that the choice of images, stickers and watermark should be consistent with your brand and site style.

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InstallationMake a backup copy of the site (it is not recommended to immediately install it on a working site)From the archive, select the desired version for Opencart (for example..
Module Stickers for OpenCart products
Stickers for OpenCart products - the module displays “Discount”, “Promotion”, “Hit”, “New”, “Out of Stock”, “Price Dependent Stickers” and “Custom Stickers” stickers for products.&..
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