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Seo Add-ons for OpenCart (opencart) are created in order to facilitate the work of those who will be engaged in website promotion, and they also make edits to the standard Opencart code, which is naturally not ideal out of the box. Thus, for example, using one modifier, you can create micro-markup on the site or fix duplicate pages. There are a huge number of such add-ons with which you can create a sitemap in two clicks or generate all SEO data Meta Title tag, Meta Description tag, SEO URL and much more. In this section, we have collected, in our opinion, the most popular SEO Modules OpenCart and OcStore.

Store reviews module for opencart ocstore
Store reviews module for opencart ocstore is a simple and effective solution that allows you to use your store reviews to attract more customers and increase sales. This module all..
SEO: Microdata PRO OpenCart Ocstore 3
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SEO optimization is one of the most important criteria for improving the position of a website in search engines and driving traffic to it. Work in this area does not stop even for..
Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology is an innovative solution for optimizing web pages for mobile devices. It allows you to significantly speed up the loading of pages..
The SEO Tags module for Opencart allows you to add keywords, description and titles to each page in your store, thereby increasing its search engine optimization. Using the module..
Yandex Metrika v1.3 by Tramplin Studio - this module itself creates the counter and sends the data of the online store to the Yandex web analytics tool, which helps to get visual r..
A unique extensionThe name SEO PRO has been in the terminology of the OpenCart community for a long time.This version has been tested for more than a year, and has been tested on m..
Turbo Pages is a new Yandex technology that speeds up the loading of opencart online store content. It allows you to create Turbo pages - light and accelerated versions of web page..
Set up SEO with the OpenCart Complete SEO add-on. This is a great customizable module that allows you to optimize the opencart system. The peculiarity of this module is that it c..
Modern ultra fast sitemap for online stores on the opencart platform. The module is highly configurable and has many settings with support for third-party modules such as: Blo..
Opencart Yandex.translate 2.3 - 3.0.x
Do not expect any translator replce the human translation at this moment, but when you are working on thousands of products, you may export and import the products for translat..
An excellent seo generator for opencart 3 allows you to significantly reduce the time to fill in seo data. Supports SEO formulas, fixes SEO FIX errors. easy to install and very fle..
SEO Generator of meta tags (categories, products), SEO URL in OpenCart
SEO Meta tag generator - allows you to optimize products and categories, manufacturers, articles with multilingual support in an online store on OpenCart.  Very easy to use an..
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