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Yandex Metrika Goals and e-commerce.

Yandex Metrika Goals and e-commerce.
Yandex Metrika Goals and e-commerce.
Yandex Metrika Goals and e-commerce.
Yandex Metrika Goals and e-commerce.
Yandex Metrika Goals and e-commerce.
Yandex Metrika Goals and e-commerce.
Yandex Metrika Goals and e-commerce.
Yandex Metrika Goals and e-commerce.
Yandex Metrika Goals and e-commerce.
Yandex Metrika Goals and e-commerce.
Yandex Metrika Goals and e-commerce.
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    Yandex Metrika v1.3 by Tramplin Studio - this module itself creates the counter and sends the data of the online store to the Yandex web analytics tool, which helps to get visual reports, video recordings of visitors actions, monitor traffic sources and evaluate advertising effectiveness. The data collected by the counter is processed on the Yandex.Metrica servers and supplemented with various information. But the most important feature of the module is its ability to very easily set up and send data on achieved goals, e-commerce data and detailed users data. With these tools you can significantly increase the conversion of your online store, which will positively affect your income.

    Main settings of counter.
        Working with the module begins with the creation of a counter on the Yandex.Metrica site. After that, copy the counter ID into the module settings and it will immediately start sending data of pages and events that occurred while interacting visitors with the site. In the main settings there are the following options:
            - Alternate CDN. The option allows you to correctly consider visits from regions in which access to Yandex.Metrica is limited.
            - Webvisor. The technology allows you to reproduce the actions of visitors in the video format and find out what they do on each page, as you move the mouse cursor, click on the links. A detailed analysis of the behavior of visitors helps to identify problems in navigation, logic and usability, and as a result - increase the conversion of the site.
            - Clickmap. The option allows you to collect and display detailed clicks statistics on all elements of the page.
            - Tracking transitions on external links. The option allows you to collect and display detailed statistics of the external links.
            - Tracking hash in address bar. This option applies to AJAX sites and allows you to correctly count the number of views on pages that are updated without refreshing.
            - Accurate trackbounce rate. The option allows you to control the exact repudiation rate. The non-repudiation event can be counted in "N" seconds or can be turned off altogether.
            - Replacing phone numbers. The option allows you to replace phone numbers on the site for the "Target Call" tool. The target call is a Yandex.Metrica tool that is able to analyze call statistics and compare the effectiveness of various customer acquisition channels.
        Attention! Delete the default counter code from your website if it is already placed to avoid duplication of some data.

    Sending users parameters.
        This tool can be useful for generating a report based on data obtained at the time when the visitor is on the site. To view statistics, use the "Visitor parameters" report. Also, using this data, it is possible to form segments for the selection of an auditory in Yandex.Direct or in Yandex Auditory. You can configure the data to be sent:
            - User ID can be: session id or registered user identifier in OpenCart;
            - type: guest or registered;
            - customer group if the user is registered;
            - registration date if the user is registered;
            - safe-status of the account that is assigned to the registered user during moderation;
            - newsletter subscription status if the user is registered;
            - country which entered in the address of the registered user by default;
            - zone which entered in the address of the registered user by default;
            - city which entered in the address of the registered user by default;
            - postcode which entered in the address of the registered user by default;
            - as well the values ​​of additional custom fields of registered users!

    Sending e-commerce data.
        This is a tool that enables the collection and analysis of data which related to the e-commerce. The information that was sent is displayed on the Yandex.Metrica website in the "E-commerce" report group.
        Sending data occurs when actions are performed with a product or a products set:
            - when viewing the product page;
            - when adding product to the cart;
            - when removing product from the cart;
            - after the successful completion of the order.
        For more up-to-date statistics, the data on addition or deletion is also sent if the product quantity in the cart has been changed.
        Attention! Data on adding, deleting or ordering may not always be sent or not sent at all, in the case of some modules replacing the order form on site. E-commerce data is successfully transmitted using the standard OpenCart checkout form, and if using the Simple and FastOrder modules. Work with other modules is not guaranteed!
        With the above actions, the following data can be sent:
            - manufacturer of the product;
            - full category branch, but only when viewing the product page (for example: "category 1/category 2");
            - product position in the list, if the value is not equal to 0;
            - product price, including the tax rate;
            - product quantity in stock, quantity when adding or removing in the cart, or quantity in the success order;
            - variant of product, that is, the selected product options are listed separated by commas.
        When making the order, additional data can also be sent:
            - goal ID for which data on a successful purchase will be tied to the goal of checkout, if it is configured in Yandex.Metrica settings;
            - profit from the purchase;
            - coupon number with which the discount was accrued when making the order.

    Sending data on the achievement of goals.
        A goal is a visitor action in which the site owner is interested: visiting a some page, clicking a button, clicking on a link, paying for an order, etc. When visitors come to your site and interact with it, Yandex.Metrica collects information about it and records achievements of goals. Information on goals in the Yandex.Metrica interface is available in the "Conversions" report, as well as in all standard and users reports that are generated by visits.
        The module allows you to create goals like "JavaScript event" easily and without interfering in the site code. Such type of goals as a "JavaScript event" allows you to track almost any casual events on the site (pressing a button, filling out a form, etc.), which does not change the URL of the page. If the URL is changing, use the type of goal “Page visits”, they are configured on the Yandex.Metrica site.
        When creating a goal, you need to enter its identifier, the element on the page and the event carried out with this element (for example: mouse click). You can also assign a cost of the goal if this goal gives profit or influences on your profit.
        After installing the module, you will be immediately available 25 ready-made goals and will only need to copy their identifiers into the settings on the Yandex.Metrica site. However, if you have a non-default template or other modules affecting the layout code of the site, then some goals may not work and will be require reconfiguration.

    Useful tips:
        If you want to receive more comprehensive data on the actions of visitors to your online store, we recommend installing our other module "TS Google Analytics". Google Analytics service is a foreign analog of Yandex Metrika and has similar functionality. Using both services, you will be able to compare their reports, find the middle point, which means it is better to understand your customers, reduce marketing costs and increase revenues.
        We also suggest that you familiarize with the module package "TS AB-Test 3 in 1". This is a set of simple but powerful marketing tools to increase the effectiveness of your banners, sliders, HTML texts and any other design elements in OpenCart, using the analytical method "AB testing" (Split test). Thanks to this modules package, you can better convey to the visitor the necessary information, and thereby significantly increase the conversion of your online store.


    Installation Instructions:
        1) Go to Admin panel -> Modules -> Install extensions
        2) Just upload the archive with the module for your OpenCart or ocStore;
        3) Add the permissions to the "Administrator" user group for this module
        4) Update modifier cache
        5) Activate and configure the module.
    If you skip step 3, then at the time the module is turned on, the needed database table may not be created and the module will not work correctly.


     !    Files are not overwritten.
     !    Used by OCMod.


    Update Instructions:
        1) Remove the modifier of the previous module version;
        2) Go to Admin panel -> Modules -> Install extensions;
        3) Just upload the archive with the module for your OpenCart or ocStore;
        4) Update modifier cache;
        5) Revise module settings and re-save.

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