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Notification of product arrival OpenCart

Notification of product arrival OpenCart
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Notification of product arrival OpenCart
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    The "Notification of goods arrival at opencart warehouse" module is an extension for the popular e-commerce platform OpenCart. It is designed to notify customers of the availability of items that were previously out of stock.

    When an item is out of stock or awaiting delivery, the module allows registered users to leave their email address to be notified when the item is available for purchase again. Once registered, customers will be automatically notified by email when an item is added to stock.

    The module has a number of useful functions, such as:

    1. Product Catalog Integration: The module integrates with the OpenCart product catalog to allow customers to be notified of specific products they wish to purchase.

    2. Automatic notifications: The module sends automatic email notifications to registered users when the requested product becomes available.

    3. Waiting list management: The module allows store owners to easily manage the list of customers waiting for goods to arrive. They can view, edit, or remove email addresses from the list.

    4. Custom Messages: The module offers the ability to customize notification text to match the brand and needs of the store.

    5. Analytics and reports: the module allows store owners to analyze data on demand for goods and the effectiveness of notifications. They can receive notification reports and statistics to optimize their inventory and sales management strategy.

    The "Notification of goods arrival at opencart warehouse" module is an indispensable tool for online stores that want to maintain a high level of customer service and effectively manage inventory.

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