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Quickly edit products
Quickly edit products
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    The Instant Product Editor module is a tool for managing products in your online store on the OpenCart platform. This module is available for OpenCart versions 1.5.x, 2.x and 3.x.

    With Instant Product Editor, you can easily and quickly make changes to product information such as prices, availability, descriptions, SKUs, images and more. The module allows you to edit products directly from the table, which greatly simplifies the process of managing your product catalog.

    You can manage product parameters such as weight, dimensions, tax class, availability status, and add discounts and special prices. The module also provides the ability to edit metadata for better optimization of products for search engines.

    Instant Product Editor features a user-friendly interface, quick access to basic editing features, and makes it easy to manage products in your OpenCart store.

    The Instant Product Editor module is designed for stores with a large number of products and high turnover, where prices and quantities change frequently. Instead of opening each product and changing the price, quantity, status and many other parameters, this module allows you to update them directly from the product list.

    Main functions:
    - Update key product attributes - price, quantity, status, product relationship with the store*, manufacturer, categories, product order
    - Complete independence, without changing the main files
    - Sending data using Ajax - no additional buttons or page refreshes
    - Advanced column filtering - search for products with specified ranges
    - Ability to edit discounts and special prices using a pop-up window
    - Ability to view the price of a product on the storefront in a separate column

    Product attributes that can be edited using Bulk Product Update Pro:
    - Product name (multilingual)
    - Product model
    - Product price
    - Product quantity
    - Product status
    - Connection between the product and the store*
    - Special prices and discounts (including the maximum number of lines for special and discount offers)
    - Product categories
    - Product order (position of products in lists)
    - Product manufacturer
    - Product Image
    - Article number (SKU)
    - Product location
    - Available date
    - SEO keyword
    - Weight and weight unit
    - Tax class
    - Availability status (out of stock, within 23 weeks, etc.)
    - Dimensions and length unit

    Additional functions from the module:
    - Advanced filter for price column
    - Advanced filter for quantity column
    - Product filtering by specific category
    - Product filtering by specific store*
    - Product filtering by manufacturer
    - Advanced product order filtering
    - Ability to view the price of a product on the storefront
    - Ability to show or hide columns in the table - convenient for monitors with low resolution
    - Ability to edit product in a pop-up window
    - Ability to see if a product has discounts or special rules
    - Full Ajax support - sorting, pagination and filtering, as well as copying and deleting products occur without refreshing the page
    - Custom table rows (depending on user preferences)
    - Template product functionality - adding a “master copy of the product”, which can be used as a template when adding new products
    - Adding the ability to enter gross prices - a simple assistant for prices including taxes.

    *available only if you have multiple stores installed in OpenCart (enabled in the System > Settings menu).

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