Sometimes it is necessary to create an online store on the open card, and create many delivery methods that would depend on the region, weight, and much more.This module has a huge flexible functionality that allows you to customize delivery, even depending on the day of the week.Module functionality:The module allows you to set your own name, delivery, delivery header, and delivery block header. At the same time, you can import and export module settings between stores.The main settings for the delivery method:Its name of the delivery methodText displayed at zero priceDescription of the delivery methodYou can include weight in the shipping nameTaxAnd also add the logo of the shipping methodDelivery cost functionality:The amount, from the quantity, plumb line, from the volume, from the order amount, from the amount without a coupon, under the total and many other can specify your own delivery price, or put zero and display the text.It is also possible to set the cost of delivery as a percentage of the cost of the goods.Dependencies for other shipping methods:In the module settings, you can display one or another delivery method by specifying a dependency.In which store to display the moduleGeo-zone, city, country, customer group, payment methods, manufacturer, zip code, coupon.You can also create dependencies for a product category, separately for products, and separately for product options.Indicate to the module What day of the week to show this or that delivery method, me, and even at what time.Supports order amount range, order weight range, product quantity range.In my opinion, an excellent module that will simplify life, but of course you have to tinker with the settings