SEO promotion is the main option for getting your site to the top of the search engine results of Google and Yandex.Website promotion, this is not a week of work, this is a long-term promotion from 3 months to 9 months, the reason for this is updates fromsearch engines (identification) occurs every 2-3 months, only after this period you can see the result of the correct promotion of the site.Promotion of young sites and sites with a ratingPromotion of a new (young) site - SEO specialists scan and adjust for search queries together with a programmer forcorrect issuance when requested for search engines, for a different task.Promotions Sites with ratings - this initially causes a problem for many SEO specialistsso you need to study the entire site and its entire structure, search engine results(in different search engines Google or Yandex, the site behaves differently),RP and X rating (TIC). This site is no longer out of the box, programmers and promotion companies worked in it (and set it up for search results).Search engine algorithms for SEOGoogle - changes its algorithms for search results, PageRank affects the issuance of the site in the TOP of the first pages.Yandex has its own algorithm and influence on the issuance in Top Yandex is X. We can conclude from this that each search engine works in its own way,and gives a different result in the search results when requested.After optimizing a site, the search engine needs time to index it. Search terms start to rank over timeand raise the link with the product or with the information higher and higher until they reach the TOP-10 positions.This time interval is always different - on average from 3 to 6 months.There are faster ways to promote, but it also depends on your site's ranking and budget.The main tasks of promotionThe main task of any SEO specialist is to promote (promote) the site to the first positions in Google and Yandex and increase traffic to your site.Work to promote a website or an online store begins with internal optimization and indexing by search robots in accordance with the requirements of search engines.In other words, preparation for indexing by search engines, taking into account the ranking factors and technical aspects of the site or online store.Why do you need SEO promotionWebsite promotion (promotion) in search engines is one of the main ways to attract new customers and increase the income of your online company.As a rule, seo promotion leads to an improvement in the position of a web resource (site) in search engine results - Yandex,Google, Bing and other popular search engines. The main purpose of this promotion is to increase the number of visitors to your web resource asMore than 80% of people search for information on the Internet.