You can use the following methods to transfer products between versions of OpenCart-OCStore.
 1. Export CSV file: To do this, you must first export the product data CSV file on the old site, and then import this file on the new site using the appropriate function in the Admin Tools section.  The advantage of this method is that it allows you to broadcast all product data, including photos, prices, descriptions, etc.
 2. Using the Migration Plugin: There are many plugins for migrating data between versions of OpenCart-OCStore that can make the process much easier.  Some of these plugins will work directly with your database, which will reduce the risk of losing information.
 3. Compatibility check: if the version of OpenCart and TCStore are very different from each other, many of the available tables of products and data associated with "filters" can be resistant to significant changes, making the transfer of products much more difficult.  Therefore, in such cases, it is strongly recommended to carry out an initial check-compatible database in advance, so as not to make mistakes during the transfer of products.
 It is important to control the process of transferring goods between versions of OpenCart-OCStore to avoid data loss and it is desirable that specialists with wide experience work with this project in the shortest possible time.  Order data transfer.
     The simplest method is to transfer via a CSV or Excel file. We will use a special module that transfers any data between any version.  The add-on is called excelport 2.5.5 module suitable for any version of OpenCart or Ocstore.  Transfers the following data:
     Gift certificates
     Client groups
     Attributes and attribute groups
     Product Options
     The data can be filtered by any criteria.
 If you have a lot of products or data, the module splits them by 500 into each table, which makes it possible to work on weak hostings.
 The principle of operation is very simple. We unload goods from the donor and upload them to the desired site.  After the transfer, we copy the folder with pictures from the old site to the new one and save a lot of money on freelancers who will knock you down a round sum.